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Advanced Solution
Access Control
Our Solutions offer latest generation Access control systems based on Fingerprint, Facial Recognition, PIN and SMART Cards technology. The systems can be deployed independently with our comprehensive security suite or programmed to be integrated into a turnkey solution. The equipment is ideal and preferred for sensitive area deployments. The units are designed to be used indoors and outdoors under extreme weather conditions. Quick throughput, deployment flexibility, and the ability for the system to expand over time address today's demands and are drivers for future requirements.
  • Ensure employees gain fast access with proven finger vein technology
  • Accommodate enterprise installs with storage of 500,000 templates for 1:1 verification
  • Eliminate the need for cards and PINs- store 1,000 templates for 1:N.
  • A full range of options are available for different security requirements.
  • Remove install constraints with options for single-,two- or three-factor authentication
  • Reduce cost and complexity with built-in door relay and controls
  • Add safety and security measures for employees with the duress finger option.
  • Save time and drive down the cost of ownership with a communication-ready connected smart device, containing new installation and maintenance capabilities.
  • Leverage the latest communication standards. (Ethernet, POE, and Wireless LAN (WiFi)
  • Quickly perform maintenance with our innovative field replaceable sensor modules.
  • Take full advantage of IP connectivity for remote device management.
  • Increase Workforce Management Efficiency
  • Address workforce management with biometric enabled Time & Attendance capabilities.
  • Improve communication by sending real-time workforce notifications
  • Provide clear instructions with programmable function keys for Time & Attendance


Monitoring and Surveillance Systems
We proudly offer surveillance solutions that have undergone deployment over a citywide scale.The applications are designed for situations that require pinpoint accuracy and for that we rely on biometric identification products that range anywhere from a simple fingerprint impression to a complex 3D facial recognition system. For round the clock surveillance night vision cameras are preferential.

High-level Detection and scanning systems
Fearless offers detection and scanning systems that can help detect Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). Our solutions are easy to deploy and mainly comprise of technologies that present entities under surveillance, such as vehicle, carry cases, personnel etc, in the form of an x-ray extract. This enables the system to immediately recognize the scale of threat and execute the already programmed counter measures which may range anywhere from a simple SMS alert to complex automated reactive protocols.