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Automatic Number Plate Recognition
The I-TO-I READER is an innovative product, which builds on technology proven in practice. The processes for the license number analysis and the camera control used by the I-TO-I READER have already been in use in car park management, access management, toll enforcement and vehicle search world- wide. Latest components and a further development of the procedures now made it possible to offer all this in an extremely compact and attractive form.

Lightweight & Compact Design
Two cameras, one flash, one computer, one communications unit and one current supply. All of this, perfect in form as I-TO-I READER, has room in the palm of your hand. It weighs a mere 1.0kg and finds a connection wherever you need a smart cam. Moreover, the I-TO-I READER requires only a standard cable for data- and power connection. Never before has the installation of an A.N.P.R. solution been that fast and simple

Powerful A.N.P.R. solution
Despite of its cute appearance, the I-TO-I READER is a really big one. Particularly concerning its performance and reliability. Underneath the pretty cover a full-grown ANPR solution is hidden, which leaves nothing to be desired. Under the motto “Traffic in – number plate out”, passing vehicles are recorded, their number plate automatically read and made available as machine-readable information. Thanks to the overview camera in addition to the vehicle picture, you always keep track of the situation surrounding the location.

Flexible for a variety of applications
The I-TO-I READER supports three different acquisition modes
  • Automatic vehicle recognition
  • Hardware triggering
  • Software triggering
Together with its automatic adaptation to different ambient conditions, the I-TO-I READER is useable for a wide range of applications.

Ease of use
With Point-and-Forget the I-TO-I READER is immediately ready for use. Due to a standardized HTTPS interface, on which the entire Internet world is built upon, the I-TO-I READER is integrated in your existing system in the twinkling of an eye. However, also without system integration, the I-TO-I READER cuts a fine figure. Thanks to the built-in data management many thousands of passages can be locally saved. Thus, each mobile application is well served, each data interruption easily bypassed and no valuable data lost.