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At Fearless we strongly believe that the strength of the organization lies in our human capital. Hence there is a stringent hiring criteria in place aimed at selecting the best possible personnel. Keeping in view the sensitivity and specialized nature of the job we have a distinct preference for personnel with an Armed Forces background. This preference, however, does not deter us from recruiting civilians with suitable aptitude and commitment. Fearless being an equal opportunity employer is proud to pioneer the induction of women on its security workforce.

To be eligible for recruitment all individuals must be medical category A and free from chronic communicable diseases. Certification from any of our panel medics is mandatory.

After assessing suitability through basic numeracy and literacy tests individual are put through a psychological assessment designed at identifying extreme biases vis a vis current security threats. Emotional stability, sociability and responsibility factors of the personality profile are also paid particular attention to. In phase II of the recruitment process the individual’s aptitude for security duties is assessed through a series of mockups followed by physical endurance test.

The recruitment process culminates with.
•   10 Years employment history/character reference check.
•   Concerned police station and Special Branch verification.
•   CNIC verification from NADRA

We at Fearless believe that the stringent recruitment regime is worth every bit of the effort, as it ensures honest, capable and loyal employees. Because of our vigilant standards the personnel that we place at the customer’s facility are both efficient and effective.