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Under Vehicle Security & Surveillance System
Our systems use Area Scan Digital Image Processing technology to convert vehicle under carriage digital images into computer files that are matched against a data base of known safe vehicle images. The software automatically compares the subject vehicle to a safe vehicle and immediately identifies any foreign objects or modifications to the under carriage that may pose a threat. When a difference between the reference image and new scanned image is identified by the system it automatically places a red ring around the difference i.e. explosive or change to undercarriage etc and activates an audio and/or visual alarm to alert the operator of the threat.
  • Maximum Vehicle Speed – 20 Kilometers per hour
  • Vehicle length: cars to very large/long trucks
Decision Response Time – 2 to 3 secs
(The length of time from when the vehicle clears the scanning platform until the system automatically identifies the vehicle, automatically searches the under carriage and displays the decision results on the operator terminal)

Automatic Foreign Object Detection System (AFODS)
  • Patented digital “stitching” of continuous motion vehicle image to create high- resolution digital image regardless of vehicle speed up to 20 KPH
  • Patented digital image algorithms automatically match scanned vehicle “fingerprint” with vehicle database, detect foreign objects and provide audible and visual alerts to the operator terminal.
  • Patented bi directional (contemporaneous dual inspection view – forward and backward) scanner providing a virtual 3D view of the undercarriage of a vehicle • Features: Patent Pending ability to Identify Vehicle makes and models based on under vehicle image only. System contains a Watch List for wanted vehicles, Vehicle Verification vs. License Plate and numerous database features.
  • System automatically distinguishes between vehicle types (bus, truck, SUV, car etc) without operator assistance and produces composite stitched images of identical high quality without the need to adjust scanner settings or lighting.
  • Language: User defined – multi language GUI, Keyboard and LPR